1. What is role of I.T Department in GMSCL?

I.T branch of GMSCL provides end to end services and support to its various users as mentioned below;
  • Maintenance and up-dation of GMSCL website.
  • Online tender using Government of Gujarat Online e-Tendering portal (n-Procure).
  • Implementation of e-Aushadhi (DVDMS) application.
  • Training of e-Aushadhi users and resolving issues regarding e-Aushadhi at various user level.
  • Complain & redressal forum
  • Strengthening all branches of GMSCL, regional warehouses and Government Health Institutes of entire Gujarat State.

2. How does I.T Services make the tender process hassle free?

GMSCL is in process of developing a new system i.e. Vendor Registration System (VRS), VRS will also be integrated with e-Tendering system which will further reduce the effort of physical documentation of the supplier and also reduce the efforts of GMSCL.

3. How tendering process is being done?

Currently, GMSCL is using the n-Procure portal to float the tender as per government resolution.

4. How drug procurement process is being conducted using I.T Services?

Drug procurement is being done by using e-Aushadhi Software.

5. How quality parameter of drugs is being analyzed using I.T Services?

Quality Control is a crucial part in e-Aushadhi. e-Aushadhi offers to enter the result of quality check from empanelled labs. If quality check result is negative, it will stop the use of further distribution of the drugs.

6. What is e-dawa ? How can I use it? What are its advantages?

  • ‘E-dawa’ mobile application is designed to accomplish ‘Information to all’ as visualized in Digital India Campaign and to supplement the generic drug store initiative of Government of India. It provides access to information of economic alternatives of drugs to public, which will help the public at large to take appropriate decision in terms of choosing best available and affordable drug/medicines so as to reduce the medical expenditures. Currently, ‘E-dawa’ is available for the android platform only.
  • You can download the ‘E-dawa’ from the google play store and registered yourself for further use.
  • The link of ‘E-dawa’ is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.c2info.eDawa&hl=en

7. How equipment procurement / maintenance process is being conducted?

GMSCL is in process to start EMMS (Equipment Maintenance and Management System) software for equipment procurement / maintenance.

8. How human resources and finance mechanism will be managed using I.T Services?

GMSCL is in process to start HFMS(Human and Finance Management System) to manage all HR and Financial Services.

10. How many stakeholders (users) are using DVDMS (e-Aushadhi) ?

GMSCL and approximately 1100 stakeholders including Suppliers, Registered Labs, Regional Warehouses, ADHO, CDHO, DMER, GMERS, District Hospitals, Sub District Hospitals, CHC, UPHC, Police Dispensary/Jail, Leprosy Unit, T.B Control Unit, etc are using DVDMS (e-Aushadhi)

11. What is the role of Government Health facilities in e-Aushadhi ?

The roles of Government Health Facilities are as mentioned below;
  • Annual Demand Generation
  • Need based indent generation to the respective RWH/Concern officers.
  • Drug Distribution to the respective wards/health institutes.
  • Drug issue from the third party and receive from third party.
  • Able to see the stock of any health institutes
  • Able to see the Rate Contract of Essential Drug List (EDL)

12. What is the role of Drug procurement branch in e-Aushadhi ?

The roles of Drug procurement branch is as mentioned below;
  • 1. Rate contract (RC) generation and categorize the suppliers.
  • 2. Purchase Order (PO) generation based on schedule wise and RWH wise.

13. What is the role of supplier (vendor) in e-Aushadhi ?

The role of supplier is as mentioned below;
  • Acceptance/Rejection of the POs and Risk Purchase (RP) POs.
  • Delivery against the POs as per requirement.
  • Able to see the payment part, delivery pending part and cancellation part.
  • Able to see the RP notice in case of Sterile and non Sterile.

14. How can supplier (vendor) use e-Aushadhi ?

First of all, Supplier get the USER ID and Password from the GMSCL Head Quarter, then Supplier use the supplier interface from Order Management menu in e-Aushadhi.

15. What is the role of Quality Control (QC) Branch in e-Aushadhi ?

The roles of QC branch are as mentioned below; Two methods are being used for Quality check.1. Pre Dispatch Testing (PDT)
  • Sample send request to the concern RWH
  • Sample receive by RWH
  • Send sample to the PDT Labs
  • Sample receives at Lab.
  • Result entering at Lab
  • QC Acknowledge by HQ
2. D & C Act, 1940
  • Quality Inspection Issue
  • Quality Inspection Report

16. What is the role of Government and NABL empanelled Lab in e-Aushadhi?

The government and NABL empanelled lab receive the samples and enter the results.

17. How e-Aushadhi can help in monitoring the issuing of drugs to patient?

Issue of drugs to patients through e-Aushadhi software will take place once integration of e-Aushadhi with GHIMS software is completed.

18. How can a citizen get the real time stock position information of Government health facilitates?

GMSCL is in process to put the link on public domain in e-Aushadhi to get the real time stock position of entire health institutes and RWH.

19. How can I contact IT branch for resolution of my problems? Please provide me name and contact details of officers working in IT branch?

You may call on 079-23257694 or drop a mail on mancomp-gmscl-gnr@gujarat.gov.in between 10:30 am to 6:10 pm except public holidays. In case of emergency you can contact IT branch at any time.
Contact details of officers working in IT branch are as under;
  • http://nrhm.gujarat.gov.in, National Health Mission : External website that opens in a new window
  • http://www.gujaratindia.com, Government of Gujarat : External website that opens in a new window
  • http://www.gswan.gov.in, GSWAN : External website that opens in a new window
  • http://gujhealth.gov.in/, Health and Family Welfare Department : External website that opens in a new window
  • http://india.gov.in, The National Portal of India : External website that opens in a new window
  • http://vibrantgujarat.com/, Vibrant Gujarat 2019 - The Global Business Hub : External website that opens in a new window
  • DigiLocker
  • 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
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